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At the School of Healing Mastery, we are setting a new standard for the healing industry by taking coaches, healers and therapists on the revolutionary personal and professional journey needed to become better, safer and more confident masters of their healing gifts and authentic leaders in their fields.

We do this by focusing on our Success Mastery Trifecta:

Self Mastery, Skill Mastery & Business Mastery so that more practitioners can join us in breaking the cycle of ‘not enoughness’ and self sabotage passing down to our future generations by healing 10 million hearts.

As a result, more people just like you can experience deeper levels of love, abundance, inner peace and success for yourselves and your clients.

Our Approach

We believe too much of the transformational industry focuses only on mind level transformation and ignores that we are multidimensional beings that benefit from multi-dimensional healing.

Our approach to healing, HeartHealing®, perfectly blends the science, energetic and spiritual and works on a mind, heart and soul level for deeper and more lasting transformation that is multi-generational and multi-reaching.

Venn diagram showing the 5 dimensions of HeartHealing: Emotional, Spiritual, Generational, Psychological and Relational

Our Values



We are in integrity with our mission and commitment to the highest professional standards. The ongoing healing of ourselves and our practitioners is essential to bringing the best and safest healing to our clients.



We are always evolving our approaches and methods to bring the latest innovations to our students and graduates.



not being limited by scripts and supporting our clients and practitioners to develop intuitive practice that best draws from their toolkit to provide incredible outcomes and results for all.



We treat and respect each of our clients/ students as an individual and promote their Unique Magic and help them stand out as unique leaders in their industry.

Charities we support

Giving back is important to us as an organisation. Every year we donate a percentage of profits to the following charities:

A banner of greyscale charity logos NAPAC, NSPCC, Women's Aid, Operation Underground Railroad, and Mind

Our Leaders

Natasha Bray

Founder of the School of Healing Mastery & Master HeartHealer®

Natasha is founder of the School of Healing Mastery, a Multi-Award Winning Success Mastery Coach & Pioneer in the business success and transformational industry. After overcoming her own chronic childhood trauma and abuse, she has committed to helping others heal themselves and others through her revolutionary and innovative therapeutic method, HeartHealing®.

With a professional background in specialist social work and over 15 years experience in transformational work, working with thousands of entrepreneurs across 52 countries worldwide her work has helped women break through to higher levels of love, inner peace, money and success in as little as one session. She has been featured in local and national papers and she is recognised as one of the top 35 under 35 entrepreneurs in her country.

Kirsty Wick

Certification Supervisor and Lead HeartHealing® Therapist

Kirsty is a highly experienced HeartHealing® therapist, trauma informed advanced hypnotherapist, tutor and supervisor. Kirsty works closely with Natasha delivering incredible HeartHealing® sessions and supporting the HeartHealing® Certification.

She made a lifelong commitment to understanding the mind and heart and how to resolve all blocks, fear, trauma and emotional issues following her own extremely abusive childhood.

With a professional background in nursing, trained extensively in psychotherapy, advanced hypnotherapy and HeartHealing®, Kirsty has been helping clients since 2012 and teaching, training and supervising other therapists since 2016.

Anne-Marie Nichols

HeartHealing® Therapist and Client Support

Anne-Marie brings a wealth of clinical expertise and personal insight into her practice, with over two decades of experience in Women's Mental Health support since 2002. Having journeyed through her own process of healing and transformation, Anne-Marie understands the power of addressing relational dynamics and fostering awareness awakening. Her deep understanding of complex support needs, coupled with her qualifications as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, HeartHealing®, along with her training in psychotherapy, enables her to provide holistic and compassionate care to her clients.

Anne-Marie is an integral part of the School of Healing Mastery team alongside Natasha and Kirsty delivering  life-changing HeartHealing® sessions, and supporting clients within the HeartHealing® Mastery Certification.

She qualified as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in 2016, is trained in Psychotherapy, Complex Support Needs, and HeartHealing®, as well as qualifications in Social Care Leadership and Management.