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All Practitioners listed here are fully supervised, qualified and licenced Practitioners. This directory is provided to allow those interested in receiving HeartHealing to find the right practitioner for them. It is important to note that practitioners will come from a variety of backgrounds and experience levels, and we would encourage you to do your due diligence before deciding which practitioner to work with.

The School of Healing Mastery Ltd accepts no liability for any action of the practitioners listed in this directory. However, if you have a complaint regarding one of the practitioners in this directory relating to HeartHealing please contact us on .

We request that the email addresses and contact information listed within this directory is used solely for personal or professional use.

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HeartHealing Practitioner Melissa Ratti, Melissa is sat a desk with a notebook in front of her, she wears a red long-sleeved top

Melissa Ratti

Transformational Mindset Coach and Hypnotherapist for Life and Business Success






Transformational coach and hypnotherapist helping women dramatically improve their life and career or business through revolutionary techniques in mind-body-energy healing and alignment.