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The missing link to wholeness


Come on a HeartHealing® journey to unlock more money, love and success

I am Natasha Bray, Founder of the School of Healing Mastery, world leading Success Mastery Coach®, Spiritual Mentor and Master HeartHealer®.

For the last 15 years I have been transforming lives and helping people overcome blocks, inner wounds and trauma that are holding them back and causing them to sabotage themselves, their relationships and their businesses.

My mission is to break the cycle of ‘not enoughness’ and self sabotage passing down to our future generations by healing 10 million hearts so that more women, just like you, can experience deeper levels of love, inner peace, money and success.


This 1:1 package is for you if…

  • You feel stuck at a certain income level or are experiencing feast and famine income months in your business or like you can’t have it all.
  • You are a high achiever and consistent 5 figure, multi 5 figure or even 6 figure months or launches are something you have as part of your vision.
  • You want to get off this rollercoaster of not feeling good enough, worthy or like you can truly trust yourself and your abilities
  • Success seems to come at a sacrifice, hustle or struggle to your relationships or health
  • You know you are destined for more but it feels like an invisible wall is blocking you from reaching your full potential
  • You have tried many other healing methods, coaches, healers and ALL the business courses and even money mindset work out there and still something isn’t quite shifting.


...and you need an expert healer to unlock that deeper transformation with you.

What is HeartHealing®?

We have all had experiences that have impacted our heart, whether that’s a loss or trauma, feeling rejected or betrayed, judged, unsafe, not accepted, abandoned, not worthy or not enough in some way. We learned to put walls up around our hearts to stop us ever feeling that pain so intensely again. But in doing so, we also created energetic blocks to receiving the unconditional love, success and abundance we truly desire and dream of.


HeartHealing® is a revolutionary integrative healing approach used within the subconscious state which expertly and uniquely combines scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deeper and more profound shifts than most purely scientific-based methods. It has been changing and impacting lives in as little as one 1 hour session (it is mindblowing).


Most methods in the transformational industry focus only on the power of the mind, and whereas mind transformation can be powerful, it is only one layer. HeartHealing® is the missing link to wholeness, and focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds your mind cannot see. According to quantum physics, the heart has an energetic frequency 5000 stronger than the mind, so it makes sense that healing your heart creates a much bigger transformation than just healing your mind.

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My combination of scientific and spiritual techniques mean that this method imprints change at the mind, heart and soul level for profound and deep transformation other methods just do not compare to.

Client Results

Here are just some of the things clients have reported releases and shifts in (some being almost immediate, others gradually unfolding across the package):

  • Healing from not enoughness and worthiness wounds so they truly feel they are enough
  • Deep healing around extreme trauma, including sexual abuse
  • Reduction and freedom from symptoms of depression
  • Deep healing of mother of father wounds that had been holding them back in business (e.g. feeling not enough due to critical parents).
  • Feeling inner peace and wholeness for the first time in their lives
  • Significant shifts in self worth, self love and self trust allowing them to show up more powerfully in their businesses.
  • Huge shifts in relationships with their parents, partners and children due to healing their hidden relationship wounds.
  • Past life healing (can sporadically come up during the healing of the heart).
  • Freedom from narcissist abuse and strength to not be affected by that person if they are still in their life.
  • Receiving higher levels of money through their work.

I signed up for the HeartHealing package because there was a massive money block that I had been dealing with for YEARS.

“I wanted to create my own therapy practice but I knew something was keeping me stuck. Back in 2017 I lost my Dad and felt a thud in my heart when he passed. Our family's money story went from having all of the money in the world to losing it all and I know that trauma was still something I desperately needed to work through so when I saw Natasha's HeartHealing package and all of the amazing success that she had earned all on her own, I knew that I needed work with her.

Before HeartHealing I gave my BETA round for free and was about to have my first official launch. So at the time I had made $0 in my business. Since working with Natasha I sold out my program in almost 2 weeks and signed up 2 people for the next round so I closed this launch at $25,270!!! So if you have been on the fence but always thinking about what it would be like to work with Natasha, my recommendation is to go for it! Working with Natasha healed my deep money wounds which in turned changed my life and I couldn't be more grateful for this experience! Thank you Natasha!”



I wanted to know what was blocking me and stopping me be as successful as I knew I could be

“In January 2021 I was lacking the confidence to go all in on my business. I wanted to know what was blocking me and stopping me be as successful as I knew I could be. After the first HeartHealing session a client approached me out of the blue and paid in full - £6500!

I started to feel I could do this. By 3 sessions in I felt everything had shifted for me. I felt happier in myself, lighter, like I am not carrying the world on my shoulders anymore. Like I am living the life always wanted. I went into it with an open mind and I have had consistent 5 figure months since I started with Natasha. It has enabled me to feel more free. Every single month new things and opportunities are happening.”


Case Study Gaby Abrams

In 9 weeks she:

  • Had her best launch ever - DOUBLE her number of clients she usually gets!
  • Didn’t withdraw from selling like she usually has done in the past out of guilt for having too much.
  • From 35-50k average months to a 92k sales month
  • Had a 30k cash month a different month despite taking a whole month off resting, holidaying and grieving the loss of a family member.
  • Increased her prices and sold her highest priced programme ever at $3333!
  • Is so spiritually connected she is channelling for the first time and her audience are LOVING it.
  • Allowing herself to feel safe and be in her feminine, receiving support, love and money!
  • Putting out offers that light her UP she was too scared to release before.
  • Being able to hold space for much bigger groups in her programmes (after previously having blocks around this).
  • Launched a first ever successful passive income offer with 96 sales!!
  • Healed multiple generations of things that had been unknowingly holding her back in business.
Gaby Abrams using Heart healing

“There were lots of quick uplevels during our 9 weeks together. I didn’t feel ready for the 100k month at the start, but I didn’t know where the resistance was coming from. Now I feel much more detached and like I know it will happen! Now I plan for 6 figure months.

The healing was so deep I wondered “why did I do this!” But I had felt so called to it- it has been the most profound transformation. I am doing things I would never have done before and letting myself be in my feminine. I was able to completely relax on holiday for the first time and not be in hustle mode.”



This could be you too!

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What makes this different

HeartHealing uses cutting edge, pioneering techniques inspired and evolved from proven scientific methods infused with spirituality through revolutionary and unique advanced ways of communicating with the soul and Higher self for a mind-heart-soul transformational experience that goes far beyond ‘mindset’.

Most other subconscious therapies and modalities out there concentrate on transforming the person by exploring past events and experiences, but it’s not the situation that wounds us most, it’s the person who causes it. They only offer partial, short term transformation and don’t address and release the true root cause which is the wounding to the heart - this deepest pain which comes from the person behind the experience, rather than the experience itself.

HeartHealing focuses on the most radical catalyst for change: expertly and uniquely healing relationship root causes.

What’s Included?

The aim of the package is a sense of inner peace and wholeness that allows you to open your heart to receiving more love, money, peace and success.

Your HeartHealing® Journey will take place over 9 weeks.

It will include:

  • A Deep Dive into uncovering the hidden wounds of your heart and getting clear on all the things you want to be able to receive in your life and business (this alone triggers huge transformation).
  • 4 profound HeartHealing® therapeutic sessions to deeply and rapidly heal your Receiving Wounds® and open your heart to receiving more money, love and success..
  • Personalised Heart Imprinting® Audios to imprint your transformation on a mind, heart and soul level for rapid and radical transformation..
  • And a final 30 minute coaching session to hold you accountable and support you to continue to benefit even further from your HeartHealing experience once your package ends.
  • Support and healing tasks needed between sessions to maximise your transformation during our time together.
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*Please note: These prices are subject to regular increases*

School of healing mastery Natasha Bray leaning on a tree

With Natasha Bray

My availability is very limited. I now have a highly experienced Trauma & HeartHealing Therapist, Kirsty, on the team who is getting phenomenal, often instant shifts and results with our clients to help me reach more people with this method.

To do this work with me is a 5 figure investment and I only take on a few clients at any one time. Booking in advance is highly recommended.

With Kirsty Wick

You can work with Kirsty, my highly experienced team trauma and HeartHealing Therapist for a very limited time only for £2000 (paid in full discount, more if installments) for the full package:

Alternatively you can have a one off powerful session on healing your Enoughness Wound with Kirsty for £500 (limited time only) where you will listen to a personalised recorded Heart Imprinting audio for 25 days to complete your transformation.


Case Study Sabriye Ayana

Since HeartHealing package with Kirsty, Sabriyé:

  • Stopped overgiving and transformed her highly transformational free content into a paid membership.
  • Owned her role as leader and authority within her field
  • Launched her own healing modality training.
  • Shifted from a 1:1 to a one to many model completely in order to scale her business beyond 30k months
  • Experienced profound shifts within all her relationships
  • Felt worthy of putting healthy boundaries in place not only physically, mentally and emotionally but also energetically
  • Was able to create more joy in her life, including picking up old hobbies that she loves such as cooking foreign cuisine had been unknowingly holding her back in business.

"I booked a HeartHealing® session with Kirsty initially because although I have a highly successful business generating over 25 to 30k a month I was going through a deep transformation and evolution. Things in my business no longer felt aligned with who I was evolving into. That first session with Kirsty was so powerful I uncovered a deep rooted feeling of shame that I had not accessed before. It was incredible and I felt significant shifts in my energy and my whole being.

I knew I needed to do the package and even when I was booking I was feeling energy movement in my upper left leg like I had experienced during my first session. I felt a lot of inner heart movement, which meant that the healing had already started prior to the sessions. Just the act of booking them already started the inner process.

The HeartHealing® package with Kirsty was amazing! It was super transformational. It was so profound, everything made so much more sense and I truly believe that I have healed the block to being able to receive unconditionally. I’m still blown away by our sessions. I found HeartHealing® to be a truly revolutionary healing modality and that says a lot as I have done a lot of healing with many different healers and healing modalities."

Sabriye ayana - Akasha Healer & Teacher

Kirsty’s client testimonials

I'm healing - for myself, and also so I don't pass on all my issues and limiting beliefs to my son.

“This HeartHealing package with Kirsty is such a lifechanger. I used to feel triggered all the time. I was constantly dwelling on negative thoughts. I felt like I had all this pent up anger at various people and circumstances. I was making decisions out of fear and always second guessing myself. I was always working hard, getting little sleep, and not seeing results. I tried a lot of self-help books and courses but when things got difficult, all that I read would just go out the window.”

After just the first session, I started feeling more at peace. It's like something clicked and it started making sense why I was feeling that way. Instead of denying how I felt, I accepted them and went past them. Now I see results at work even with less effort. I feel a balance of taking care of myself, my health, family, and work. I have the confidence to set boundaries and speak up more. Chest pains that used to bother me (thankfully cleared by a cardiologist) are gone. I'm healing - for myself, and also so I don't pass on all my issues and limiting beliefs to my son. Thank you Kirsty! :)”


I left changed for the better - lighter, able to release long-held trauma, and excited for the future.

“I loved my session with Kirsty. She’s an incredible healer, and I was able to really hone in on some deeper areas that were a bit too complex for group work- so well worth it! I left changed for the better - lighter, able to release long-held trauma, and excited for the future. You’ll love it!”

Jess Keating


School of healing mastery heart healing logo

I need you to know that whatever wounding you may have experienced, whatever struggles you have faced:

You can heal, and you will heal.

And when you heal yourself, you can help the world in a whole new way.

You weren’t born to settle.

You were born to soar.

Your HeartHealing® Journey awaits

Love, Natasha x

Natasha with her book 'When women heal'
Natasha with her book 'When women heal'