I’ve been able to go deep and get good results with my clients from the start and that’s helped build my confidence

HeartHealing® Certification

Meet Radiant Visibility Coach Dominique Didinal joined us at the start of 2021 to begin her journey through the HeartHealing® Mastery Certification and she has truly blossomed ever since. The hybrid certification focuses on our unique Healing Mastery Triad (Self Mastery, Skill Mastery & Business Mastery) to help therapists get out-of-this results for themselves and their clients.
Before beginning the Mastermind, Dominique had:
  • Completed her hypnotherapy and coaching certifications
  • Was struggling with bringing in consistent clients.
  • Didn’t have clear packages
  • Didn’t have a clear niche or brand
  • Still had some of her own visibility fears to work through
She initially joined because she had done other certifications and felt the level of support was limited. She wanted to become a ‘really good therapist’ and was attracted to the safe container on offer within our hybrid programme. It was also important for her to learn from Natasha as a leading expert in the field of transformation as well as our trauma specialist, Kirsty who teaches and supports on the certification with Natasha.
Within 6 months (just half way through) she:
  • Raised her prices several items to a 4 figure investment
  • Is clear on her niche, brand and how to position herself
  • Has so far DOUBLED her monthly revenue
  • Has consistent clients and consistent income at her new higher prices
  • Healing her own visibility wounds and having confidence to show up more
  • Showing up authentically herself
  • Complete confidence in her client results, knowing they will get instant shifts after adding HeartHealing to her packages.
  • Developed a loyal client base with high percentage of return clients
  • Feels has finally found her purpose in life and is expressing this through her work.
Here is what Dominique had to say about the training:
I think having the support of how to help clients get the actual results has helped my confidence from the off. I’ve been able to go in and go very deep, right from the beginning and get good results. And that’s helped build my confidence as a therapist from the start. It’s a really good investment in your business, particularly if you’re just starting out. We want to be able to give the best to our clients and we want to know that we’re doing it safely and that we’re doing it in integrity as well. And I think Natasha has really created a system and a school that helps therapists do that as a lot of protection and a lot of ongoing training as well, which I really like, and a lot of support and a lot of business advice too. It’s a fantastic investment. Do it!
If you are someone with a hypnotherapy background who wants to get even better results for yourself and your clients, with a safe and supportive intimate learning environment, get in touch now to find out more about our HeartHealing® Mastery Certification and becoming a HeartHealing® Practitioner.