My prices have tripled and my clients are having mindblowing transformations in one session

HeartHealing® Certification


Meet the incredible Cat Marshall. Cat joined the HeartHaling Mastery Certification when it first launched (it was called Mastery Mastermind back then!) because as a mum to 2 small children she wanted to get the most from her learning, knowledge and business. She didn’t want to take years to learn what would accelerate her business and client results and wanted someone to help shortcut that journey for her.

Just a few months into the HeartHealing Mastery Certification:
  • She starting taking action in her business
  • Had a clear strategy for how to attract clients on social media
  • She TRIPLED her prices (and was still booked up!)
  • Her clients are having results that are out of this world and results in one HeartHealing session years of therapy hasn’t been able to unlock.
  • She finally has true trust in her confidence and intuition to get her clients the best results.
  • She has finally launched a group course, shifting from 1:1 to 1:many (and had a 5 figure launch!)

I’m very much of the belief that if you want to go somewhere, find someone who is there and learn everything you can from that person. The content I have found personally, absolutely phenomenal. Everything through therapeutic techniques and modalities to improving my skills and business strategy. I feel so much more confident in what I’m able to offer and confident in doing things in the best interest of my clients to get them the absolute best results. And for me, that proof is in the pudding. So the transformations I have had since have been mind blowing. That’s what we’re all here for isn’t it, to see those transformational shifts in our clients. My clients come back and go “I have never been through anything like that. For me, it’s just been so worth every penny that I’ve put into this – my time, my effort, everything. I’ve had the most incredible experience. I can see now I can see my future in a whole different way now.