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Heal your heart and free your soul for more abundance in life


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Give yourself, a client or a loved one the gift of love

Transformational 53 Card HeartHealing® Oracle deck with Guidebook for women

Be the first to get your hands on this incredible unique and beautiful HeartHealing® Oracle Card deck with 137 page colour Guidebook created by Success Mastery Coach, Master HeartHealer and Spiritual Mentor, Natasha Bray.

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Have you ever felt not enough?
Like no matter what...not good enough?
Not smart enough?
Not successful enough?
Not pretty enough?
Not slim enough?

Natasha Bray Oracle Cards

Compared yourself to others?

Overgiven and overworked to prove yourself?

Struggled with procrastination or perfectionism?

Needed a confidence and self esteem boost?

Let fear and pain hold you back?

Sabotaged yourself, your health, your work or your relationships?

Then these HeartHealing Oracle cards are perfect for you!

Natasha Bray HeartHealing Oracle Box and Card
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Hearthealing Card - Unconditional Success

A meaningful, memorable and motivating gift

The activating artwork, channelled messages, transformational healing tasks and empowering affirmations will help start to create the inner shifts needed for a more abundant external reality. Because the truth is, feeling loved and enough has to come from within. When we develop that love within us, and start breaking down those walls, we open our heart to receiving the most beautiful things that seemed impossible for us before.

Are you ready to love yourself more and create a ripple of love onto everyone around you?

About the HeartHealing®
Oracle Cards

We have all had experiences that have impacted our heart and we learned to put walls up around our heart to protect ourselves. But in doing so we also create energetic blocks to receiving the unconditional love, success and abundance we truly desire and dream of.

This unique & innovative HeartHealing® Oracle card deck infused with divine healing energy will help you gently break down those walls, open your heart and unlock the abundance within so you can receive more in life, whatever that more is to you.

Each card features a gorgeous illustration especially created to activate healing in you. The guidebook has detailed descriptions, healing tasks and affirmations to connect you to the power and wisdom of your heart.

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How to use the HeartHealing® Oracle cards

The HeartHealing® Oracle card deck is designed to use with yourself or with your clients for a powerful yet gentle healing boost to your day.

FOR YOURSELF: For your own healing, you can make this part of your daily ritual by dedicating 10-15 minutes per day. Every day, choose a HeartHealing® Oracle card to guide you by shuffling the deck until one falls or ‘pops’ out. You can intuitively tap into the message the card has for you, or read the guidebook message and complete the powerful healing task and affirmation that goes along with it.

FOR OTHERS: If you are a coach, therapist or healer, the HeartHealing® Oracle card deck can be used as a tool to help guide any healing your client may need for their session with you. You may use them in any way that feels right for you or pull one card at the start or end of a session with a client, read the meaning and set them the powerful healing task and affirmation for the day.

Meet the creator, Natasha Bray

Natasha Bray is an award winning Success Mastery Coach, Spiritual Mentor and pioneer of the HeartHealing® method.

In 2021, she founded the School of Healing Mastery to teach other therapists, coaches and healers her methods. With a professional background in social work and extensive experience in transformational work since 2006, she has been a catalyst in the healing of thousands of people worldwide individually and in groups to significantly transform them, their lives, their families and their businesses.

She has been recognised as an innovative leader in her field, is an international bestselling author and truly believes when women heal, they can heal the world. Having overcome her own childhood of abuse she is passionate about helping others breaking the cycles of hidden wounding and trauma that happens in families, writing a new story for our future generations. She lives in Wales, U.K. with her partner and two young sons finally having the happy, loving family home she always dreamed of.

The HeartHealing® Oracle cards are her way of getting her mission of healing one million hearts out into the world on a bigger scale.

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You can buy these revolutionary, industry leading HeartHealing® Oracle cards alone as a beautiful gift from you, to you! Or maybe you have a client or friend or family member who could benefit from the healing power of them.


HeartHealing Oracle® &
Enoughness Mastery™ Course

Hearthealing Oracle Cards - Nourish Yourself, Believe, Rest

Alternatively if you want to experience more of Natasha’s magic, you can purchase an exclusive Card & Course Duo where you also get access to a self study 4 week transformational online course ‘Enoughness Mastery’’ where you will dive deeper into your HeartHealing® journey through healing your Enoughness Wound to unlock more confidence, love, abundance and success for yourself, your loved ones and your future generations.

Combining the HeartHealing® Oracle cards and the Enoughness Mastery course can create magical inner shifts like:

• Feeling more confident in yourself and about yourself
• Loving yourself and finally believing and feeling you are enough exactly as you are
• Freedom from self criticism or comparison and no longer worrying what others think
• Giving yourself permission to be yourself
• Let go of perfectionism and go from procrastinator to fast action taker
• Becoming more magnetic to others because what is within us is reflected outside us
• Better and happier relationship with ourselves and our loved ones

What is included?

This 4 week self study course includes 4 weekly transformational workshops to unveil and understand exactly where your feelings of not enoughness come from and how to transform them on a mind, heart and soul level.

A powerful recorded HeartHealing® therapy session with a Heart Imprinting audio to listen to daily to heal the root of your not enoughness on a subconscious and energetic level and imprint positive thoughts and feelings into your heart, mind and soul for deeper and long lasting transformation.

Because when women heal themselves? It ripples out onto everyone around them too breaking the cycle for generations to come.

HeartHealing® Oracle cards £44 (plus p+p)

HeartHealing® Oracle & Enoughness Mastery £222 (includes p+p)


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