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If you have questions about my work, any of my services, products or programs, or if you would like me to speak / give training on HeartHealing™, please leave me a message here and I’ll come back to you.

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Professional Bio

Going from maternity leave to million dollar business in just 3 years, Natasha is founder of the School of Healing Mastery, a Multi-Award Winning Success Mastery Coach & Transformational Pioneer in the business success industry. She helps high achievers and rising leaders heal childhood wounds and rapidly unlock their Ultimate Uplevel through her revolutionary therapy HeartHealing® and her 5 level healing approach, Success Imprinting®. With over 14 years experience in transformational work, working with thousands of entrepreneurs across 104 countries worldwide her work has helped women break through to higher levels of love, money and success in as little as one session. She has been featured in local and national papers and she is recognised as one of the top 30 entrepreneurs in her country.