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Ready to heal yourself and the world on a deeper level?

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Want to unlock more love, inner peace, success and money for yourself and your clients?

World leading Success Mastery Coach & Master HeartHealer, Natasha Bray, founded the School of Healing Mastery with the intention of creating a bigger ripple effect of multi-generational healing and success across the world. Focusing on self mastery, skill mastery and business mastery has been key to her own success and that of her clients. The School’s HeartHealing® Certification programme is creating a culture of excellence in the healing industry that helps other coaches, therapists and healers unlock magical and rapid transformations for themselves and their clients unlike anything else.

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The ways to Healing Mastery

The School of Healing Mastery is home to all the resources you need to heal yourself and the world on a whole other level, including the revolutionary HeartHealing® hybrid Certification taking the transformational industry by storm.

HeartHealing® Certification

Join our revolutionary 3 stage online hybrid certification and mastermind programme to learn Natasha’s methods and stand out in your industry by becoming one of our exclusive HeartHealing® Practitioners worldwide at the School of Healing Mastery.

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Healing Yourself and Others with Oracle Cards

Oracle cards have long been seen as a wonderfully useful tool for self-reflection, and are often used to tap into spirituality as well as aid self-development and healing.

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Find a Practitioner

Experience the power of HeartHealing® for yourself 1:1 with a fully supervised, qualified and licenced practitioner from the School of Healing Mastery.


“Your heart reveals hidden blocks the mind can’t see. Your heart always knows even when your head wants to deny, forget or minimise it.”

Natasha Bray

What our practitioners say

“Deepest healing and training in 30 years.

The healing that I experienced helped me integrate different parts of my story and helped me understand myself and my children on a completely different level. It's a major eye opener and mind opener and heart opener. It's healing on a very deep level, on a multidimensional level."

Roxana Stanciu

“5 figure months to 5 figure weeks.

I felt something was missing with hypnotherapy. This really helps go deeper on an emotional level. I've done a lot of healing during the course of the program. I feel that I am now able to serve more clients and also to be able to offer a complete package. I started on 5 figure months and doubled that now I hit almost 5 figures weekly."

Emma Johnson

“It's revolutionised my business.

The beauty of HeartHealing is it really gets to things other methods don't uncover. It was the missing link for me because it worked deeper on those relationship wounds and parent wounds, which are huge when it comes to uncovering past traumas and childhood traumas."

Emma Godfrey

“It's helped build confidence as a therapist.

I think having the support of how to help clients get the actual results has helped my confidence from the off. I've been able to go in and go very deep, right from the beginning and get good results. And that's helped build my confidence as a therapist from the start. It's a really good investment in your business."

Dominique Didinal

“Massively improved mine and my clients' lives.

If you're wanting amazing results for your clients, if you want to continue to develop professionally, if you're wanting to be open to massive personal development and you're wanting support in your business and in your clinical practice, then I highly recommend training with Natasha."

Dr Louisa Pieterse

White Label Healing® Library

Purchase Natasha’s tried-and-tested most successful scripts, activations, meditations, courses and templates and use them as your own to explode your business and client results

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