A client of the HeartHealing package Shaina Hughes, Shaina wears a cowboy style hat and stands in front of a tree

I went from money blocks and zero income to a $25,270 launch

HeartHealing® Package

Meet the lovely Shaina Hughes. Shaina came to work with Natasha because she wanted to feel deserving and safe to receive abundance – especially money and health. She had tried everything. All sorts of world renowned therapies and delving into money blocks had not moved her forward. There was something deeper going on. She didn’t believe she could have it all.
Shaina signed up the HeartHealing® package with Natasha when it was new to the industry.
Even before the therapy began, Natasha expertly and intuitively uncovered so many truth bombs and realisations for Shaina about how her past relationships and experiences were impacting her life today.

It was so much more than just money blocks.

Things DRAMATICALLY changed for Shaina and for the first time ever she was able to finally RECEIVE money (and a lot of it) for her incredible gifts she brings to the world. Whilst also having love and great health.
“I signed up for the HeartHealing® package because there was a massive money block that I had been dealing with for YEARS. I wanted to create my own therapy practice but I knew something was keeping me stuck. Back in 2017 I lost my Dad and felt a thud in my heart when he passed. Our family’s money story went from having all of the money in the world to losing it all and I know that trauma was still something I desperately needed to work through so when I saw Natasha’s HeartHealing® package and all of the amazing success that she had earned all on her own, I knew that I needed work with her. Before HeartHealing® I gave my BETA round for free and was about to have my first official launch. So at the time I had made $0 in my business. Since working with Natasha I sold out my program in almost 2 weeks and signed up 2 people for the next round so I closed this launch at $25,270!!! So if you have been on the fence but always thinking about what it would be like to work with Natasha, my recommendation is to go for it! Working with Natasha healed my deep money wounds which in turned changed my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for this experience! Thank you Natasha!”
Shaina Hughes, RTT Therapist
She actually finished up with 5 people pre-booked for her next round!
The power of HeartHealing Journeys. Magic, absolute magic.