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Are you ready to become a better healer of yourself and others?

Meet the 5 Receiving Wounds™ of the heart and the Healing Mastery Archetypes™ that my clients have healed in themselves and others to unlock out-of-this-world results in love, money, success and impact, faster!

(You’ll never want to live without my HeartHealing™ after this experience 😉 )

I’m Natasha Bray, Multi 7 Figure Success Mastery Coach, Master Healer & Business & Spiritual Mentor to high achievers, healers and leaders who have a deep desire to impact the world in a bigger way and be well financially rewarded for it. I am also the founder of the School of Healing Mastery with a mission to heal 10 million hearts worldwide (and I want YOU to be a part of this mission!). 

My self healing journey began as a single mum on benefits whilst I built my business 6 years ago. But I had always been a ‘hidden healer’ in professions like psychology, social work and homeless services before hiding behind the ‘coach’ or therapist title in my business. Unbelievably, I went from hidden healer to Millionaire Healer in just a few short years. Healing my heart totally transformed my life in a way I could never have dreamed of - receiving millions in my business, feeling at peace with my abusive past, finding true and lasting love with my husband and breaking the cycle to be a more loving, present mother to my children. My impact and the power of my healing gifts exploded too (across 70 countries worldwide and counting!). 

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My clients have unlocked out-of-this-world shifts in money, love and success for themselves (and their clients!) too, rapidly growing 6 or 7 figure businesses, having deeper more connected relationships with partners, children and parents and experiencing true freedom from their past wounds and traumas. They naturally explode their own healing gifts and their clients start to get out-of-this-world results too!  And NOT through another strategy, but through healing the Receiving Wounds® of their hearts, reconnecting to who they really are and expanding their capacity to receive.  

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You see, we all have a ‘healer’ within us, whether it’s a self healer, a hidden healer or you already heal for a living. And now I want to show you how to ‘HealHer’ so that you can impact your world and the world even more, and explode your business to 6 or 7 figures with ease.

In my experience, mindset work, energy work or strategy alone is the slow path to becoming a better healer of yourself and others. You need to connect to your inner Healer archetype (there are 5 dimensions of her by the way!) and really unlock her gifts for you - and for the world. 

And that’s where I come in…

Join me for this 11 day experience to become a better healer of yourself and others for more love, money, success and impact - faster!

It’s more than just an experience - it’s a movement. Words do not do it justice. 

Image of HealHer 11 Day Experience Logo

So what could it look like for you?

It all depends where you are already in your healing journey. This ‘work’ works for you wherever you are, whether you are just healing yourself or you already have a healing business. It meets you at your current level to expand you to your next one. 

You will leave with a deeper understanding of yourself and all of the ways you are blocking yourself from more healing, more impact and more receiving and exactly HOW to change that so you can impact your world and the world on a bigger, deeper level. 

HealHer Experience testimonial
HealHer Experience testimonial
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Imagine you could...

• Have a deep insight into the hidden heart wounds that are impacting your self healing and success journey and how you can take your own clients deeper and faster in their transformation and healing too - and actually help them get tangible results that keep them coming back time and time again?

• Connect to the Healer archetype within (all 5 dimensions of her actually), combined with accessing the power of your heart, to dramatically shift your relationship with yourself, money and others in a way you have never experienced before.

• Discover exactly what it takes to have a 6 or 7 figure healing business or revenue stream without the sacrifice, hustle, sabotage or hard work.

• Completely expand your capacity to heal yourself and others in a deeper, faster and safer way so you can heal more, impact more and receive more in all of the ways (especially money!).

Out-of-this-world results are possible for you and your clients too!

What’s different about it?

You’ll get access to my most powerful live experience worth thousands (my live experiences are legendary!) and some of my most innovative transformational work my 1:1 clients usually pay multi-5 figures for. You’ll get a sneak peek into my Healing Mastery Archetypes and the 5 Receiving Wounds® of the heart that my most successful clients heal with me to unlock millions and the deepest healings in their own lives, relationships and businesses as well as the real behind-the-scenes of exactly how I became a Millionaire Master Healer so you can apply my lessons to your own business too.

This is NOT content or training you can get from anyone else, it’s completely unique to me. It works for you, whatever stage of your healing or business journey you are in.

The HealHer 11 Day Experiences is one of her ways of getting her mission of healing one million hearts out into the world on a bigger scale.

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An 11 Day Live Experience which will help you become a better healer to yourself and others Combining both practical and magical for an unforgettable, life changing experience.

Each day there will be a 90 minute workshop which will cover:

• Deep insight and understanding into exactly what is blocking you from deeper levels of healing of yourself and others, as I take you deep into this journey into the 5 Receiving Wounds® of the heart currently blocking you from receiving more love, money, success and impact (and how to shift them) - prepare to be mindblown!

• Exactly HOW you can build a 6 or 7 figure business or income stream from healing yourself (and others) in a deeper way as a confident healer who always gets results.

• A powerful HeartHealing® therapeutic healing session to activate the Master Healer within so you can unlock deeper, faster healing and results for yourself and others. It also opens your heart to receiving more money and success.

• Your action plan for how to become a better healer of yourself and others so that you can build the deeply fulfilling and rich life and business you dream of.

The shifts you will experience will be tangible and very real - not just in you, but in your business, with your clients and every relationship in your life (especially your relationship with money).