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A hybrid HeartHealing® Experience, Certification Training and Business Mastermind for coaches, therapists, healers or professionals who want to unlock more love, inner peace, money and success for themselves and their clients

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A revolutionary healing approach that is rapidly and dramatically transforming hearts, lives and businesses worldwide

Are you ready to become a fully certified HeartHealing® Practitioner, explode your transformational business to the next level and be seen as the go-to leading expert in your industry?

Here at the School of Healing Mastery we work with incredible women who are destined to heal and transform the world, just like you. The only problem is you are not quite getting the level of success you expected when it comes to your own results and the results of your clients.

You are great at what you do and most of the time you get good results, but deep down you are not fully confident in the mainstream methods you have trained in, the results you get and how to sell your incredible gifts on a bigger scale to impact impact even more people.

You don’t just want to be good, you want to be great.

You want to be a leading healer who delivers out-of-this world transformational experiences every time. Because, let’s face it - results sell.

You feel deep inside that you are not yet achieving your full potential - for yourself or your clients. It feels like something is missing...and you are being called to be a part of a bigger movement. The HeartHealing® Movement.

You could carry on as you are trying to figure it all out yourself, but you want to stand on the shoulders of the giants who came before you, those who have already built what you want to build.

You want to take the fast lane and you
are willing to invest in being the best.

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Mastery Certification


The HeartHealing® Mastery Certification will introduce you to the missing ingredient from anything you have done before - what it really takes to master your own healing and therapeutic work, dramatically increase your prices, impact and income and get unrivalled results with your clients.

This is the thing that will heal you deeper than you’ve ever gone before and make you stand out in a crowded market of surface-level mainstream mind-based methods.

Better results = you become the one everyone raves about and can charge dramatically higher prices for your work. Tripling your prices and STILL getting more clients than ever before is normal in our time together.

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Do you...

  • Have a deep desire to heal the world on a whole new level and be known as a leader in your industry but don’t know how to make that happen?
  • Have a mainstream hypnotherapy certification (and multiple others!) but it still feels like something is missing and want to take your clients deeper?
  • Struggle with the confidence that you can always provide the best results and experience for your client?
  • Feel like you’ve had loads of different types of healing on yourself but are still not reaching your full potential in business despite those dreams of a six or 7 figure revenue?
  • Struggle raising your prices because you want to be ‘affordable’ and help more people even though it’s at a sacrifice to yourself?
  • Feel bored and unsuccessful using old school marketing and masculine business approaches and want something different, aligned, modern and cutting edge...that actually WORKS?

Any of that sound like you?

Like most other therapists, coaches and healers we work with, you’ve probably invested considerably in certifications, coaches, courses, read all the books but you are still not seeing the results you expected in your business or with your clients.

Imagine going from playing small in a crowded market to establishing yourself as a leader in your field, able to charge thousands for your gifts and deliver out-of-this world experiences to your clients?

What would it be like if…?

  • Your clients raved about you to everyone they met and called you the best healer or therapist who has finally helped them heal what many years and many other therapies couldn’t?
  • You healed your own heart and finally found that missing piece to truly deep, rapid and dramatic transformation for you and your clients.
  • Had 100% confidence that you are enough and you can deliver an incredible package with incredible results each and every time you work with someone?
  • You experienced huge shifts in yourself, your relationships and your business leading to more money, love, inner peace and success?
  • Charged thousands for your healing gifts and still had clients lining up to work with you and pay in full?
  • Scaled your business authentically to 5 figure, multi 5 figure and even 6 figure months?
  • Felt like you were truly living in alignment with your soul purpose?
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These are the exact results that come in from our graduates and certified Practitioners who once felt the same way you do around themselves, their business and their ability to get phenomenal results.

That’s where the HeartHealing Mastery Certification can change you, your business and your life, taking you from wounded healer to authentic leader, healing yourself and the world on a whole new level.


What is

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HeartHealing® is a revolutionary integrative healing approach combining scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deeper and more profound shifts than standard mind-based techniques offer.

HeartHealing® goes beyond mind transformation and focuses on the most powerful transformation: healing your heart. Mind-based approaches only take you so far. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals hidden wounds the mind alone cannot uncover.

According to quantum physics research, the heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind. So it makes sense that healing your heart creates much bigger transformation and shifts in you and your life than just healing your mind.

HeartHealing® is the intersection of the power of both mind and heart, as it uses the hypnotic state to access the wisdom in the heart for a truly powerful journey unlike anything you have experienced before.

According to quantum physics, your heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than your mind. So why are you still focussed on mindset when healing your heart is what makes you literally more magnetic?


What other therapists are saying about HeartHealing®…

“The missing link to anything I have trained in before”

“Beautiful, loving & extremely powerful techniques”

“Clients let go in a way they haven’t with other modalities I have used”

“Clients are blown away by the power of it- the feedback is phenomenal.”

“The most profound thing ever experienced (despite years of therapy)”

“25 years of being a psychotherapist and I have never experienced or used anything as powerful as this.”

“It allows clients to realise hurt they did not even recognise they were carrying with them.”

“My client finally feels whole for the first time in her life. It has helped me give the best therapy I have ever done.”

“My client said HeartHealing® was more powerful than over 10 years of working with energy healers.”


Join renowned healer Natasha Bray for this 3 level one year mastery experience.


HeartHealing Level 1

Month 4-5

HeartHealing Level 2

Month 8-12

Practitioner Academy


What’s Included?

This is so much more than just learning a method. This is a unique 7 month hybrid HeartHealing® certification and mastermind that focuses on my Healing Mastery Trifector so you can explode your business success:

Self Mastery Skill Mastery Business Mastery

After that, you will join our Practitioners Academy for 5 months whilst you integrate all of your healing and learnings with our continued support, supervision and development. You see, I don’t just believe in teaching you a skill - I believe in helping you make a ton of impact and money from it so in the HeartHealing® Mastery Certification we cover it all.

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Learn from Natasha Bray

It will be a mix of workshops on a course platform to access anytime, including hours of me demonstrating my techniques for you to learn from (and I choose mastermind clients to receive 1:1 from me as part of the training).

You will receive group HeartHealing® therapy from me, and will also be paired up so you experience HeartHealing® 1:1 5 x throughout the duration of the mastermind for maximum personal healing.

Weekly Group Calls

Weekly group mastermind & supervision calls with me or my Lead HeartHealing Therapist Kirsty where we will focus on your client sessions and maximising your results and theirs. Plus regular guest experts who are top of their field in business or healing (or both!).

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Online Support

There is a highly supportive Facebook group dedicated to your certification cohort where you can access support for you, your business and for anything that comes up with your clients along the way from Natasha, her team and your fellow HeartHealers.


Spaces are limited per cohort, and this is a first come first served basis. We run 2 cohorts per year: March and September

What else?

  • Your own group HeartHealing® Journeys, & HeartHealing® Certification Level 1 and Level 2.
  • You will be able to start earning money from selling level 1 within the first 12 weeks, level 2 within 7 months.
  • 5 months in our advanced Practitioners Academy
  • 5 x Personal HeartHealing® experiences with other trainees
  • Knowledge on working with different types of trauma, intergenerational healing, past lives and spiritual experiences within HeartHealing®.
  • Coaching skills, Creating Packages, Pricing & Initial Promotion, Nail your Niche & Powerful Personal Branding
  • Audience Building & Content
  • Selling, PR, Expert Positioning & outsourcing
  • High level Guest experts & access to our Mastermind Workshop Library
  • Support and compassionate assessment with detailed feedback so you can excel in the method
  • Weekly group case supervision and business support sessions
  • Training and support on creating your own HeartHealing® group course plus course license (after Level 1).

And remember there is a focus on practicing and client feedback throughout every part of the certification.


  • Complete Healing Mastery through our unique approach to self, business and skill mastery so you can build a successful healing business that truly impacts your world and the world.
  • Feel safe to embody your authentic self, power up your personal brand and become magnetic to clients and sales.
  • Uncover your unique soul purpose and personal magic so you can stand out in your industry and make a big impact.
  • Step up and position yourself as the go-to leader in your field so that you can feel confident putting yourself out there and get recognised for what you do.
  • Be one of the first in the world to be licensed to use my powerful HeartHealing® approach that has been pivotal to getting unrivalled results for my clients (and allows me to charge thousands for my 1:1 packages and courses!).
  • Heal your own heart on multiple levels (5 in fact!) so you can AUTHENTICALLY DELIVER AND SELL the method, show up fearlessly and take fast action to make things happen
  • Get noticed in a saturated market overrun with mind-based modalities with powerful, unique mind-heart-soul based transformational packages and becoming recognised as an incredible healer and leader who gets results.
  • Becoming a better therapist and healer through learning and experiencing my revolutionary HeartHealing® process, my unique therapeutic tools and coaching processes that I combine to get NEXT-LEVEL results with your own clients.
  • Discover my exact techniques, branding and organic marketing strategies that allowed me to grow my business to 7 figures per year within 2.5 years ORGANICALLY.
  • My 15 years experience on your clients to point out exactly what you need to do to get them the best results (this has been a huge favourite of our graduates)
  • Create packages and group courses and charge a lot more for your magic instead of selling one off sessions at the standard market rate.
  • Be part of something where you are not just another number, within a truly supportive school that cares about your success.
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My life’s work is not about creating mini-me’s, it is about helping you heal your heart and unlock the unique leader in you so that you can lead your niche, impact more people and step into greater levels of success and abundance.

The unique journey I take you on will help you become MAGNETIC- magnetic to clients, magnetic to sales, magnetic to abundance.

You’ll learn the secrets behind my own and my best client results.


Practitioner Results

It's revolutionised my business.

“The certification is very unique, well directed and put together and, but nice and easy to follow, in a very positive way really easy to follow and adapt. The beauty of HeartHealing is it really gets to things other methods don't uncover. HeartHealing® was like the missing link for me because it worked deeper on those relationship wounds and parent wounds and things, which are huge when it comes to uncovering past traumas and childhood traumas.

It's revolutionised my business and that means that I can help people, in so many different directions. So if you're on the fence about it, do it because not only will it bring a new technique to your work, it will also help grow your business, scale your business, plus you get this incredible community of other HeartHealers.”

Emma Elizabeth
Trauma Freedom Therapist & HeartHealing® Practitioner

A client of the HeartHealing certification Roxana Stanciuu, Roxana has shoulder-length brown hair and a fringe

The training offers insights into business, insights into marketing, insights into self-development.

“The healing that I experienced helped me integrate different parts of my stories that were hanging loose, helped me understand myself and my children on a completely different level. My kids are 38, 37 and 19.

It helped me deal with my relationships. It's helped me understand them better. So, the so-called, classic ripple effects were absolutely spectacular for me. My first HeartHealing client - It gives me shivers. Now, when I think about her. It started when she had gone through a massive grief. She had lost a child. She told me I turned her pain into love. It's healing on a very deeper level, on a multidimensional level.

I did think ‘what could I learn from a therapist 30 years younger than me?’ I see Natasha as an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and wonderful person guiding us all. The training itself is the deepest, most adaptable and most efficient training that I've been through for several reasons. It lasts for seven months. And then we have the access to the practitioners academy, but I can start using the method quite early into the program after I've qualified it into the first level. So, it's very, it's very efficient. You can start using it and you can start implementing it quite quickly. From another point of view, the training offers insights into business, insights into marketing insights, into self-development.

It helps a therapist, no matter how experienced you are. I have found enormous help in the way the training is organised. And in the way the information is presented, it's deep and simple.“

Roxana Stanciu
Clinical Hypnotherapist & HeartHealing® Practitioner


Doing Natasha’s course/ has been one of the best decisions I have made this year

For me this has been a journey of self-discovery and deep healing where I learned not only an amazing new Method but also how to create a successful business once qualified.

We learned and implemented many marketing, niching, writing and mindset tools from her and her team. I now have more engagement on my posts, writing my posts and pitching my 1:1s has become easier, bookings have increased but most of all the HeartHealing® method is amazing.

My clients' feedback and transformations have been phenomenal and I am so close to my first 5 figure month.

Natasha is an expert in her field and a true innovator, nothing has been left to chance. If you get a chance to work with Natasha or learn her HeartHealing® method, don’t hesitate, you will not regret it. This is more than your average course, it’s truly life changing. I’m coming to the end of level 2 and I am on track for a 10k month this month (I can’t believe I am saying that!).”

Intuitive Transformational Coach & Healer & HeartHealing® Practitioner

A client of the HeartHealing certification, Esmerelda, Esmerelda has long brown hair and stands on a beach
A client of the HeartHealing certification, Cheryl Kasper, Cheryl has long blonde hair and blue eyes

HeartHealing™ is a revolutionary healing method that has truly changed my life, my clients lives and my business.

“I joined Natasha’s Certification to continue to work on myself and grow as a hypnotherapist. What I received was much more than I expected. Not only was I part of a group of women supporting each other, I gained knowledge and strategies to better work with my clients and to grow my business. When I learned her HeartHealing® Method I was blown away! I have been working on myself for many years and this technique is a total game changer. I was able to heal some deep rooted wounds in a way that other therapies couldn’t. The results my clients are having are nothing short of life changing.

HeartHealing™ is a revolutionary healing method that has truly changed my life, my clients lives and my business. I have been a psychotherapist for 25 years and one hour of HeartHealing healed wounds I hadn’t been able to reach before. If you are a hypnotherapist and are looking for powerful new strategies for healing, support, and strategies to growing your business, I absolutely recommend joining Natashas Mastermind.”

Cheryl Kasper
Hearthealing® Practitioner, Therapist and Founder at Womenpowerment

Imagine what this experience could do for you too?

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HeartHealing® is now an accredited modality. We are excited to announce you no longer need a hypnotherapy certification to train in HeartHealing® and you are able to obtain insurance from our trusted provider.


Sign up now to receive Early Bird Pricing, £2,000 OFF our full price - to qualify for this amazing offer, APPLY NOW following the link below.

Early Bird Pay in full - until July 31st £10,000 £8,000 


 £4,123 x 2 monthly installments

£935 x 9 monthly installments

£740 x 12 monthly installments

£525 x 18 monthly installments


The above prices expire in September, 2023 where our normal early bird price will apply

(Your investment includes the training fee and the first year of your annual licensing fee. Please see FAQ section for more information on yearly licensing fees after your initial year)

FULL INVESTMENT PRICE IS £10,000 (Pay in Full)

Please note for a limited time ONLY you can avail of the early bird price above

We have a recommended sale price of £250 per HeartHealing session and have graduates charging anything from £250 per session to 10k per package. The return on investment for the deep healing and business transformation as well as the skills to get better results with your clients is priceless.

When you click any of the links on this page, you’ll be taken to a short application form. This is to ensure the certification is an excellent fit both ways. There is no obligation to sign up if your application is accepted, though we of course hope you will! A member of the HeartHealing team will respond to your application within 48 hours.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me at info@schoolofhealingmastery.com


Frequently Asked Questions