Generational Trauma – why the heart is the missing piece in healing


Generational trauma can be healed through the heart.

It’s a strange phenomenon, as humans we very often point to our heart as being at the core of our being, yet we pay so little attention to it when healing, often choosing to give our energy to mind-based healing and techniques for ourselves and our clients.

There has been a lot of research into the power of the heart. According to quantum physics research, the heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind (Joe Dispenza). Research from the HeartMath Institute also shows that the mind actually responds to the heart (not the other way around). So it makes sense that healing your heart creates much deeper and more profound transformation than just healing your mind.

Healing through the Mind

Whilst healing through the mind is powerful and beneficial, mind-based approaches can only take you and your clients so far. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals hidden wounds the mind alone cannot uncover, like generational trauma as an example.

When we focus on the mind we are still involving thought and intellect in our healing which places limitations on the extent to which we can truly heal. We need to involve the heart which encompasses healing on the emotional, relational and energetic levels in order to move beyond surface level mind based approaches such as mainstream hypnotherapy.

Mind healing is important, but it is only one layer.

Healing through the Heart

Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds your mind cannot see. We have all had experiences that have impacted our heart, whether that’s a loss or trauma, feeling rejected or betrayed, judged, not accepted, abandoned or not enough in some way. We learned to put walls up around our hearts to stop us ever feeling that pain so intensely again. But in doing so, we also created energetic blocks to receiving the unconditional love, success and abundance we truly desire and dream of.

By incorporating the heart when healing ourselves and others, a much deeper level of transformation can be reached, and the results happen very rapidly. Why is this? HeartHealing® works on 5 dimensions : psychological, emotional, relational, spiritual and generational to break down those walls built around your heart by unveiling and addressing the cycles of trauma and wounding passed down through families.

This approach unveils hidden blocks that mind-based techniques alone don’t uncover and rapidly moves our clients towards freedom through opening their heart to giving AND receiving more love and therefore receiving more abundance, joy, peace and success in their lives.

The Heart as a Portal

Not only does the heart direct the mind, but it is also a spiritual portal. In Chinese medicine the heart is the psychological and emotional centre and the heart space is considered a portal to higher dimensions. It is through the heart we access universal love and a connection to higher self.

I believe the Heart is also a portal to the soul – the more we heal our heart the closer to wholeness we become. We feel safer to be our authentic selves and live a life true to our soul purpose.

When we tap into this, we tap into our limitless potential. Our HeartHealing® Practitioners often tell us their clients have ‘out-of-this-world’ experiences and feel whole for the first time in their lives through this mind-heart-soul connection HeartHealing® unlocks.

Your heart is the portal to receiving all of your desires. No amount of mindset will ever work if your heart is not open to receiving

Generational Trauma & Past Life Healing

Most heart wounding tends to come from the people closest to us in our childhoods – our caregivers and other family members. Usually these are what we call generational wounds  – where the same wound has passed on through the generations from one family member to another. Our revolutionary method HeartHealing® has had phenomenal results reaching these deep wounds releasing them quicker than any other method we have come across.

Research shows that wounds/trauma can be passed down through around seven generations. They are passed down in 2 ways:

  1. Genetic Trauma Imprints – genetically passed down to the next generation through DNA
  2. Soul Trauma Imprints – energetically wounding the soul of the next generation.

We break the cycle of generational trauma through healing and it is thought to impact the generational line both ways (previous and future generations). For example, we often see this in the work with our clients when a family member they have been estranged from phones them completely out of the blue the day after they have had a HeartHealing® session where they released wounding related to that person.

By incorporating the heart as the missing piece in healing, you are healing yourself and others on the deepest level. You are breaking down cycles of generational trauma and therefore healing not just one person, but that person AND future and previous generations in families.

The more you heal the heart wounding of this lifetime, the more likely past lifetimes will begin to come up spontaneously for your client, which is why we teach our HeartHealing® Practitioners how to confidently respond to and work with this in their HeartHealing® sessions.

In working with the mind AND heart, and the portal that creates to the soul, we can psychologically and energetically heal trauma passed on through generations and even past lives, breaking the cycle for ourselves, our future generations and future reincarnations.

Through combining scientific and spiritual techniques, the HeartHealing® method imprints change at the mind, heart and soul level for profound and deep multi-dimensional and multi-generational healing other methods just do not compare to. 

Don’t be surprised if your heart is already resonating with what you have read and is wanting to experience more – this is the power of HeartHealing®.

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Natasha Bray

Founder of the School of Healing Mastery & Master HeartHealer® Natasha is founder of the School of Healing Mastery, a Multi-Award Winning Success Mastery Coach & Pioneer in the business success and transformational industry. After overcoming her own chronic childhood trauma and abuse, she has committed to helping others heal themselves and others through her revolutionary and innovative therapeutic method, HeartHealing®. With a professional background in specialist social work and over 15 years experience in transformational work, working with thousands of entrepreneurs across 52 countries worldwide her work has helped women break through to higher levels of love, inner peace, money and success in as little as one session. She has been featured in local and national papers and she is recognised as one of the top 35 under 35 entrepreneurs in her country.