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Healing Yourself and Others with Oracle Cards

Oracle cards have long been seen as a wonderfully useful tool for self-reflection, and are often used to tap into spirituality as well as aid self-development and healing.   Unlike Tarot cards, Oracle cards have fewer rules, allowing more flexibility and fun in their use. But don’t let that fool you into thinking they are…

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Healing Yourself to Boost your Business

As practitioners, we are sometimes guilty of neglecting our personal healing journeys. Many of us come into the role of a coach or therapist because of our own past experiences with trauma. This often gives us an insatiable drive to help others heal their wounds.   To us, this is not a job. This is…

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Recognising the Wounds of the Scapegoat Child

If you are in the healing profession, it is highly likely you will come across clients who have the wounds of the Scapegoat Child. It is also very likely that you were the scapegoat child in your family too. As you are reading this blog about recognising Scapegoat Child wounds in your clients, it may…

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Why the heart is the missing piece in healing

It’s a strange phenomenon, as humans we very often point to our heart as being at the core of our being, yet we pay so little attention to it when healing, often choosing to give our energy to mind-based healing and techniques for ourselves and our clients. There has been a lot of research into…

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