A client of the HeartHealing certification Roxana Stanciuu, Roxana has shoulder-length brown hair and a fringe

My first HeartHealing® client gives me shivers. It’s the deepest healing on a multi-dimensional level.

HeartHealing® Certification

Meet one of our certified HeartHealing® therapists Roxana Stanciu.
Roxana is no newbie to the therapist world – she had tens of years of personal and professional healing experience before she joined our certification. Roxana is delivering HeartHealing to Romanian, French and English speaking client base, spreading our mission to heal 10 million hearts worldwide.
Just 4 months into her year long experience with us in our hybrid HeartHealing® certification & mastermind programme, here is what she achieved:
  • Healed herself and her own relationship with her children on a deeper level (despite having 40 years of personal healing before joining us).
  • Her clients (including male clients) are reporting ‘out of this world’ experiences in their sessions with her.
  • She feels more confident in working with ANY trauma she comes across and has had deep satisfaction helping a mother heal from one of the biggest traumas of all – the loss of a child.
  • She has raised her prices twice since joining and has made her packages even more powerful adding HeartHealing® to them
The healing that I experienced helped me integrate different parts of my stories that were hanging loose, helped me understand myself and my children on a completely different level. I have, my kids are 38, 37 and 19. It helped me deal with my relationships. It’s helped me understand them better. So, the so-called, classic ripple effects were absolutely spectacular for me.
My first HeartHealing® client – It gives me shivers. Now, when I think about her. It started when she had gone through a massive grief. She had lost a child. She told me I turned her pain into love. It’s healing on a very deeper level, on a multidimensional level.
And as straight talking Roxana says herself “I did think what could I learn from a therapist 30 years younger than me? I see Natasha as an extremely experienced, knowledgeable and wonderful person guiding us all. The training itself is the deepest, most adaptable and most efficient training that I’ve been through for several reasons. It lasts for seven months. And then we have the access to the academy, but I can start using the method quite early into the program after I’ve qualified it into the first level. So, it’s very, it’s very efficient. You can start using it and you can start implementing it quite quickly.
From another point of view, the training offers insights into business, insights into marketing insights, into self-development.
It helps a therapist, no matter how experienced you are. I have found enormous help in the way the training is organized. And in the way the information is presented, it’s deep and simple.”
We enrol for the HeartHaling Mastery Certification twice per year. If you want to enrol for the next cohort, we only have small groups to keep it an intimate experience. At the moment, you do need to already be a qualified hypnotherapist to join. Find out more HERE.