A client of the HeartHealing Package Sabriye Ayana, Sabriye is wearing white and is standing between two buildings

I have finally healed the block to being able to receive unconditionally

HeartHealing® Package


Meet the wonderful Sabriye Ayana. Since HeartHealing package with Kirsty, Sabriyé:

  • Stopped overgiving and transformed her highly transformational free content into a paid membership.
  • Owned her role as leader and authority within her field
  • Launched her own healing modality training.
  • Shifted from a 1:1 to a one to many model completely in order to scale her business beyond 30k months
  • Experienced profound shifts within all her relationships
  • Felt worthy of putting healthy boundaries in place not only physically, mentally and emotionally but also energetically
  • Was able to create more joy in her life, including picking up old hobbies that she loves such as cooking foreign cuisine

“I booked a HeartHealing® session with Kirsty initially because although I have a highly successful business generating over 25 to 30k a month I was going through a deep transformation and evolution. Things in my business no longer felt aligned with who I was evolving into. That first session with Kirsty was so powerful I uncovered a deep rooted feeling of shame that I had not accessed before. It was incredible and I felt significant shifts in my energy and my whole being.

I knew I needed to do the package and even when I was booking I was feeling energy movement in my upper left leg like I had experienced during my first session. I felt a lot of inner heart movement, which meant that the healing had already started prior to the sessions. Just the act of booking them already started the inner process.

The HeartHealing® package with Kirsty was amazing! It was super transformational. It was so profound, everything made so much more sense and I truly believe that I have healed the block to being able to receive unconditionally. I’m still blown away by our sessions. I found HeartHealing® to be a truly revolutionary healing modality and that says a lot as I have done a lot of healing with many different healers and healing modalities.”

Sabriye ayana – Akasha Healer & Teacher