A client of the Personal HeartHealing Journey package, Bianca Reimer, Bianca has curly dark blonde hair and is smiling at the camera

I signed a package at twice the pricepoint than ever before and another double that!

HeartHealing® Package

Meet the amazing Bianca – a women’s leadership coach. Bianca came to Natasha to experience a Personal HeartHealing™ Journey Package after working with Natasha in her Ultimate Uplevel Academy. She was in search of healing the deep childhood wounds, restricting her from excelling in her business and subconsciously pushing clients away.
She had huge shifts in the Ultimate Uplevel Academy but wanted some 1:1 for some deeper trauma.
After her second 1 hour HeartHealing® session she secured her biggest ever course sale (4K!) making her investment back in that one sale.
After her third in the package she secured her biggest ever 1:1 sale TRIPLE anything she’s charged for 1:1 before (£10,000)
She then went on to have MULTIPLE 10k clients!
She also received an unexpected out of the blue 6 figure offer for something not business related.
Healing your heart really is the portal to receiving MORE in your life.
After just 3 HeartHealing sessions, she received multiple 5 figure sales (for the first time ever!) and an out-of-the blue 6 figure offer!
  • The trauma that had previously not been ready for healing, spilled out & left Bianca feeling free, confident & open to receiving.
  • Like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders
  • Multiple 5 and 6 figure offering
  • Her strong inner critic turned compassionate
  • Glowing with energy
  • Ready to rise, love, trust and believe in herself

I’ve done a lot of other therapies with other therapists but there was something very deep that wasn’t yet ready to be revealed and healed. I had amazing breakthroughs during Natasha’s Ultimate Uplevel Academy that were very strong and immediate. I had some amazing and spiritual experiences and I felt like there was a deep connection with Natasha and she was the right therapist for me. I did wonder how she was going to deal with all of my stuff in 4 sessions. I had the most amazing out-of-this-world experience.

I was guided to a really special space I had never been before where I felt safe to deal with really deep stuff I couldn’t get to before. I felt an opening and channel opening up after our third session. A few days later I signed my first package at a much higher price point never sold before and another a few days later more than twice the price point than that. It felt completely natural and it was like I was no longer rejecting good things coming to me.”

You can check out Bianca’s video interview on the Success Stories page.