A client of the School of Healing Mastery, Gaby Adams, Gaby has long, blonde curly hair and is laughing

Th most profound transformation – now I plan for 6 figure months

HeartHealing® Package


Gaby Abrams has worked with School of Healing Mastery founder and Master HeartHealer Natasha Bray at every stage of her business journey. Natasha’s old membership helped her move past her Imposter Syndrome and in a one to one with Natasha in 2020 Gaby unlocked her first 5 figure WEEK.

Gaby came back to Natasha in the summer of 2021. She was having 30-50k months in her business and like any other high achieving, driven woman- she wanted more.

She wanted Natasha’s expertise to help her heal the wounds and blocks from receiving her desired 100k months

She also wanted Natasha to help her connect more to her spiritual and feminine side (KEY to receiving more by the way)

So she signed up for a 9 week Personal HeartHealing® Journey’s package with Natasha to expand her capacity to receive even further.

What happened?

Like lots of Natasha’s clients, her money blocks were NOTHING to do with money. Her blocks were linked to the 4 Receiving Wounds® of the heart identified that stop women receiving more love, money and success.

So we set to work with the unique HeartHealing® process and big shifts started happening just after the very first 1 hour session. 

Her transformation has been nothing short of magical.

They went deep. Deeper than she has ever gone before. So deep she even questioned herself ‘why am I even doing this?!’

But it was worth it…. In 9 weeks she:

  • Had her best launch ever – DOUBLE her number of clients she usually gets!
  • Didn’t withdraw from selling like she usually has done in the past out of guilt for having too much.
  • Had a 92k sales month. Hello 7 figure level income!
  • Had a 30k cash month a different month despite taking a whole month off resting, holidaying and grieving the loss of a family member.
  • Increased her prices and sold her highest priced programme ever at $3333!
  • is so spiritually connected she is channelling for the first time and her audience are LOVING it.
  • Allowing herself to feel safe and be in her feminine, receiving support, love and money!
  • Putting out offers that light her UP she was too scared to release before.
  • Being able to hold space for much bigger groups in her programmes (after previously having blocks around this).
  • Launched a first ever successful passive income offer with 96 sales!!
  • Healed multiple generations of things that had been unknowingly holding her back in business.

And the month her package ended, Gaby reached out to Natasha to celebrate her first 100k sales month (check out the interview above)!

“There were lots of quick uplevels during our 9 weeks together. I didn’t feel ready for the 100k month at the start, but I didn’t know where the resistance was coming from. Now I feel much more detached and like I know it will happen! Now I plan for 6 figure months. The healing was so deep I wondered “why did I do this!” But I had felt so called to it- it has been the most profound transformation. I am doing things I would never have done before and letting myself be in my feminine. I was able to completely relax on holiday for the first time and not be in hustle mode.”


We could not be more honoured this beautiful soul and fellow powerhouse is now training in HeartHealing® to bring this revolutionary method to her clients too.